Monday, March 15, 2010

historical anecdotes of the monstrous

I was napping once a while back in Dallas on a gently sloping grassy knoll when I was rudely rousted from my erstwhile doze by the sharp Pop! Pop! of party favors nearby. I rolled over and propped myself up on an elbow ready to go sharp of tongue and terse when I spied the street carnival that had erupted nearby. With a heavy and exasperated yet benignly indulgent sigh I heaved myself up from that particular embankment for fear of being overrun by such an enthusiastic crowd and ambled my way out of town to find other, less well known parts to roost for a light slumber.

Another time...

I once left a hotplate unattended, utterly due to my impulsive haste to make the exit ramp with my patchwork carpetbag slung across my back. Unfortunately the plate caught the hem of the oily apron I’d cast aside aflame, and soon the entire air carriage were aflame, drifting and careening trepidatiously enough I nearly saw my lunch a second time. I found nearby window, shouldered aside the sash and made a dash through it that proved first steps are often doozies. I complete a full revolution, arse over teakettle, and land sprawled like a drunk cat to look up and see that the big balloon I’d been traveling in had seemed much smaller from the inside.

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