Sunday, February 28, 2010

Angry about the handling of the Olympic Bonfire

Sadly overly quarantined yet otherwise splendid like a fiery Fortress of Solitude bursting from beneath a polar cap.

There should be parents holding their children up to touch the skin of the massive thing, young eyes all spiraled up with wonder.

There should be cheery pickers parked discretely nearby that for a modest fee will raise ticket holders up to roast marshmallows and s'mores on the outlier flames.

There should be enthusiastic young Asians contorting bizarrely to best capture the dynamic leaping and victory V finger flailing of their friends with the multi-pronged pyre in the immediate background.

There should be huddled groups of amateur camera enthusiasts attempting to advise one another on the right mix of lens to aperture to exposure to while balancing to best capture the brute majesty of the thing.

tomorrow is the last day of the Olympics, so wanted to catch a peek before the officials extinguish the flames.

The Olympic Bonfire...

Should not feel as though it's about to whisk the elite and a few lucky lottery winners away to settle a brave new world elsewhere in the universe, leaving the huddle masses behind in a maze of fences, security forces, and the constant drone of helicopters overhead.

Should not resemble visiting a loved one in prison.

Should not appear exclusive or withdrawn.

Fences should not be a part of this memory.


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