Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Good to see greed in action!

I'm on the fan's side this time. Cross referencing a large body of work is a time suck, and deserves to be rewarded by anyone that happens to give a sh@t about Potter drek.

As there is no way his version would dent her sales, only ride the shirt tales of it, or worse, require her own likely ghost written encyclopedia be better constructed as "official cannon" than his turned out to be, then so what?

So some kid thought to make action figures of characters other than Luke Skywalker because Hasbro didn't, so what?

So LCD spoofed the unavoidable cultural icon that is the Starbuck's logo as an act of social commentary, so what?

Why are the huge elements so litigation happy?

Why sue teenage Friendster users with the bad taste to appreciate Britney's dubious artistic merits and want to share them?

Greed & Insecurity.

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